Welcome to my blog


elcome to the world that is the Merlot Mummy. I am a mum of four kids – Emily, 10, Amy 8, Edward 7 and Oliver, 2and a half. I am married to a wonderfully devoted father and husband who works for himself from home.

We live in the Winelands, Stellenbosch to be exact, which probably gives clues as to where my blogging name comes from. I will, unashamedly, unapologetically state that there is nothing in my world that cannot be solved as long as I have a good glass of local vino not too far away.

I am a stay at home mum and so I don’t ‘work’ so to speak, (I smile every time someone asks me whether I work or not) but as anyone with children can relate, an office job would probably be less taxing than four children under the age of ten, 24/7. Actually flying to the moon backwards, would probably quite do-able once you’ve spent a week doing my ‘job.’


SO, in case you were wondering as to how we ended up with four children;

NO, none of them are twins.

YES, we do own a television,

NO, we are not Catholic,

YES, they were all planned (almost)

YES we do know how the birds and the bees do their thing, and so

YES, we have heard all these hilarious questions a thousand, billion times before.

I decided to start a blog a while ago, mainly to record this phase of my life because I know in a few years time, I’ll look back and ‘remember’ it as one long blur. And ive found as they get older, life seems to get faster. The moment i try and capture and savor a phase i have with them, the sooner the next phase arrives.

And this bothered me.

So, I thought that I’d start blogging my busy life as a way of recording it – I am creating a space for me to capture and savor moments in my life that I want to treasure forever.

Some of these moments have taught me some interesting and surprising life lessons. They have entertained me, they have inspired me and they have made me stand still in the madness of motherhood and smile and laugh. Often at myself.

quote laugh at yourself

And I have discovered that writing has helped me to live more in the present moment. To observe. To simply stand still and see life it just as it is.

Without judgement.

And this somehow eases all the should’ves, could’ves and would’ves that go hand in hand with motherhood. Instead, I find myself amused by life’s amazing ironies, twists and turns.

So, if by me sharing my inner running commentary, inspires, entertains, informs and soothes you like it did me, then great. If not, then this space is still my sacred, quiet, still and beautiful place that helps me cherish and live in the present moment.
quote present moment

Forever has no meaning when you are living in the present moment